This is what other jewellers might recommend the following tips, however at Diosa we recommend completely the opposite. For we are confident about the endurance of our jewellery.

Make sure your Jewellery is not worn in shower, not stored in direct sunlight or exposed to humidity / At Diosa you can wear your jewellery in the shower and expose it to sunlight as its maintenance free.

When you are wearing it, we recommend you avoid knocks that could affect the quality of your Jewellery. It is therefore preferable to not wear your jewels when you are swimming, at the beach or engaged in sports/ we recommend you can wear it in any kind of water. We also advise you remove them when you wash your hands or are involved in a manual activity to avoid friction/We recommend you wear it daily.

In addition we advise that you wear your Jewellery after applying your makeup and perfume/ Our jewellery is maintenance free. You may also clean the jewel frequently yourself: dip it in lukewarm soapy water and clean it gently with a brush and pH-neutral soap. Then wash it cautiously with fresh lukewarm water, dry it and polish it with a soft fabric./ Maintenance Free Stones and Pearls tend to get dirty or dusty over time, you may polish them using a dry cloth. This fast, stress-free procedure will preserve your Jewellery’s gorgeous sparkle/ Stress free

To ensure your earrings do not fall out, gently squeeze the earring hooks together once they are in the ear so that they are secure.